The Fair Sir

     I can’t say what possessed me to start a blog, a whim perhaps. I’ve always been captivated by the culture of the gentleman, modern or traditional. I hope to share thoughts about my many interests, and I hope I can inspire other men to adopt some themselves. You can expect a variety of topics that any man could relate to, but ones that women may find interesting as well. 

Traditional wet shaving 

     I started the art of wet shaving about ten years ago, mostly to save money; but that ultimately proved to be quite some distance from the truth. However, this hobby has become a therapeutic routine that has not only emboldened my male perspective; but brought me in touch with many terrific people and communities focused on this traditional craft. Additionally, I continue to sample a wide variety of products from many talented artisans; so you can expect me to rave about the odd one here.

Everyday carry

     I think most men will agree that being prepared for anything is instinctually hard coded in our DNA, to varying degrees I suppose. Personally, I feel better having a few things in my pockets that could make everyday tasks a little easier. It can be as simple as a quality pocket knife, but having one to begin with separates the men from the boys if you ask me. The sheer amount of items out there is mind blowing, and technology has provided some impressive updates. I’m sure the excited little boy in me will come bursting on to this page every now and then to tell you all about it.


    I’m a father of two, and blessed to have both a son and a daughter. I have no idea what useful information I’ll be able to share, as I really just fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to parenting. However one thing is certain, I love my children dearly. I will no doubt share some of my successes and failures in this department, perhaps to get a laugh at the very least.

     Although I’m sure many other topics could spill into this blog, I suspect those mentioned above may cover the majority; since they are the peak of my interests at the moment. At the end of the day we are always evolving, and I hope both my interests and the topics I bore you with here do just that. 

Thank you for reading!